Our Industry Experience, Broad Capabilities and Deep Alliances mean we can help you maximize opportunities and avoid unnecessary risk. Our promise is simple. We help clients create more valueConsulting is a challenging career that will push you to your full potential. At Esperer Consulting you will be surrounded by talented peers from the top of their fields. And in addition to your job responsibilities, you will learn how to Manage Clients, Manage Engagements and Work in Teams.

Delivering high quality Business Consulting and Disciplined Technology implementation – at an extremely competitive price Use the skills and experience you have gained in the workplace to move on to the next stage of your working life-as a consultant.

Our staffs are full-time permanent employees of the company. Our aim is to carve out a significant niche in the industry by focusing and harnessing the strengths of our Professional Team on a Strong Base of experience in the areas of IT, NON – IT, and ITES. Esperer is run by professionals who have a good and thorough understanding of the IT, NON – IT and ITES Industry, supported by veterans who have a wide experience in the respective field. Our reputation has been built purely on performance, quality, commitment and relationship. Esperer Business has multiplied mainly because our clients carried us wherever they have traveled.

Areas of Expertise:
As a professional services firm, we are dedicated to providing End-to-End Solutions for Companies and Executives to “Find the Right Fit,” We have been able to attract uniquely skilled individuals to our Organization. While diversity is encouraged and welcomed, each individual shares a common characteristic: a passion to excel. Aligned in Industry specific practices, we have the flexibility to meet the different requirements of the businesses we serve.

Esperer caters to Top and Middle Management talent pool. We quickly respond to Client Needs, Offer Research Base Solutions, and Honest Feedback with Integrity. Esperer is Diverse and Offer a wide range of services focusing on any of the following specialists:

➥ Oil & Gas Industry
➥ Petrochemical Refinery
➥ Civil & Structural
➥ Instrumentation
➥ R&D Design
➥ Electrical Engineering
➥ Chemical Engineering

Permanent staffing:
The Permanent staffing segment includes Two Distinct Divisions: Database Selection and Advertised Recruitment.
Database Selection:
➥ Primarily addresses requirements for Senior / Middle / Junior Management staff.
➥ Growing database of over 2,50,000 professionals
➥ Automated web-enabled database for speedy matching of profiles
➥ Quick response time to client requirements.
➥ Already short-listed CVs save time.
➥ Informed sourcing.

Advertised Recruitment:
➥ Targets specific segments of professionals for specialized roles.
➥ Strategic choice to handle volume of requirements and Budgets.
➥ Eases the process of finding suitable candidates.
➥ To create awareness and Interest in client’s organization.
➥ Dedicated teams to understand Client’s needs, Organization Structure, Culture, and the role linkages.
➥ Email id and Server space allocated to handle the email responses.

Special features:
➥ Provides ‘Ready-to-Work’ workforce against time schedule.
➥ Mass Recruitment
➥ Multi-Pronged approach to access resource pool.

Service Benefits:
➥ Flexibility for clients
➥ Faster Mobilization and Demobilization
➥ Strong existing database of candidates
➥ Recruited 1000+ Professionals for MNC.

Flexible Staffing:
Esperer is the largest organized player in the Flexible Staffing Arena and has to its credit over 1000 Deputees are working in MNC.

Esperer’s Win-Win formula of Combining Recruitment, Payroll Processing, In-House Technology Team, Training, and HR consulting helps us manage pan Indian assignments effortlessly.
Value Proposition for Users: Providing a ‘Just-in- Time’ Workforce.

Esperer undertakes the mobilization of personnel in the specified numbers and their placement locations identified by clients through our own team of committed Staffing Solutions members located across India. On request, or at the conclusion of the contract period, the deputed personnel are demobilized from the client sites.

Database Selection:
➥ Clients gain from the Performance and Contribution of Deputed Personnel.
➥ Flexibility to focus on their Core Business.
➥ The deputees are on Esperer’s rolls and the Clients are assured of all the benefits and the dignity of a regular employee in a respected public limited company.
➥ Our team of professionals ensure quality service with their Integrity and Dedication.
➥ Our team handles all services from Recruitment, Payroll to Statutory and Benefits Administration.
➥ Exemplary track record of working with Professionally Managed Indian Companies and MNCs.
➥ Flexibility.
➥ Addresses Headcount Limitations.
➥ Reduces Time and Cost of Selection.
➥ Faster Mobilization and Demobilization.
➥ Eliminates Expensive Contractual Procedures.
➥ Cost savings on account of payment for days worked.
➥ Statutory obligations is no longer client’s responsibility.
➥ Strong Existing Database of Candidates.
➥ Greater Temporary to Permanent’ Possibility.